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Feb 22, 2019







February 15

Professional Title

Program Director/Senior Scientist


I started my career in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as a technologist with a major oil and petrochemicals MNC. Before leaving the company, did various roles in manufacturing, operations management, logistics and supply chain. I left the company to primarily focus on my passion for solar energy as the company had sold off its solar division and exited the solar business completely. After leaving the company I became a first time entrepreneur by taking up a franchise of a digital advertising business. Although digital advertising has not much to do with solar energy, I looked upon it as a easy money-making and entrepreneur training medium. I had limited success with that and within a short span of two years, sold-off the business and switched back to my core engineering skills and did some consultancy work. I started with the Energy Research Institute @NTU by writing technology primers for solar energy and smart grids in Singapore. Eventually I joined the institute as a Program Manager in Sustainable Building technologies group. Currently I am the Program Director of the flagship EcoCampus program, which is an ambitious program to demonstrate high impact energy efficiency and sustainability on the NTU campus. At the same time, I started Solarika Pte Ltd in 2012 with my friend Uday Yeole, who is now moved to India to take our venture to new heights and focus on India as a growth market for rooftop solar energy installations.


Clean Energy Evangelist (Energy Efficiency, Solar and other Renewable Energy Technologies)

Area of Expertise

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy

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