Exxon Mobil has proven once again that it doesn't care about the environment and thinks climate change is just a joke. 

In a recent speech (27 May, 2015) in shareholders meeting, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson made fun of clean energy and expressed his disbelief on climate change

In this meeting, shareholders of Exxon Mobil and Chevron overwhelmingly rejected several environmental resolutions including proposals to put climate-change experts on their boards and set goals for greenhouse-gas emissions.

These are some of the statements made by Rex Tillerson and my interpretations of their deep meanings:

"the company is positioned to withstand ups and down in oil prices and give shareholders a good return on their money."

Sure, this is what companies should do, but what about other returns? A company like Exxon is is supposed to make its share for the environmental protection too. When the time is difficult, the truth comes out easily. When the time is good, the newspapers and radios talk about Exxon's environmental contribution. Please stop this lip service and sham!!

"This company has to be making plans for the future," he said. "Let's get an expert on the board to deal with a critical question."

does this mean that environmental experts are just jokers? Is economy the only critical question and not the environment?

This is the message from Exxon Mobil CEO to the Paris COP21 attendees: " just chill dumbos, all is well as long as we make money. If you are going there and are from my company, go there and have a good time, shop around in Paris, but dont come back with crazy ideas that can hurt our profits. The so called climate change experts in COP21 are in delirium and wasting money for no reason at all. Environmental protection is just part of our marketing budget" 

"models predicting the effects of global warming aren't very good and that it would be very hard for the world to meet aggressive emission-reduction targets. He said technology can help deal with rising sea levels or changing weather patterns "that may or may not be induced by climate change."

this is amazing conclusion. whom have you consulted, how much did you pay them to say this? I am sure Exxon CEO, board, employees and shareholders have children and grandchildren too. Can you go and say this eye-to-eye with your grandchildren or small children? Please, stop this self-fulfilling theorems Exxon Mobil and get educated about climate change.

"We choose not to lose money on purpose."

So caring for the environment equals loosing money for Exxon Mobil. When will Exxon care for the environment on purpose?

Its understood that sustainability also has its economic angle, but its not fair to mock at clean energy just because its not as economically viable as oil and gas now. Not to mention that the viability of oil and gas also depends on subsidies and nontransparent policies from oil producing nations.

Lets all take a note, Exxon does not care about the environment. When the oil price is good, it will throw some money to look good with critics and shut their mouths up. But why does it not believe in doing true service to humanity instead of just siding with myopic and greedy shareholders?

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