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Top10 PV module suppliers

1985772?profile=originalRecently, the market research firm, IHS released their report on the top solar module manufacturers of 2012. The top 10 in 2012 accounted for 40% of market share.

Here we look at some salient features of the Top10 manufacturers and would like to welc

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Future of REC in India_part 2

4. Major concerns

Before commissioning the REC mechanism in India, CERC had to make sufficient changes in its regulation without disturbing electricity act 2003.

• Absence of Legal and Regulatory Framework to Facilitate Purchase of RE from Outside the

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Future of REC in India

1. Overview

The journey started with the announcement of national action plan for climate change (NAPCC) by Hon. Prime Minister of India on June 30, 2008. To complete the target of 15% renewable energy proportion in the total energy mix by 2020 it was

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What the Bosch- Solar Out


With all the casualties happening for PV, this is a rather surprising one. After investing billions and employing more than 3,000 people to support its solar energy operations worldwide, Bosch announced last week that will exit almost completely fro

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Electricity storage for PV


PV systems have moved from those being grid-connected (to enjoy higher feed-in-tariff) to more of distributed generation and consumption. This is especilly true for developed countries such as germany where today, more than 90% of new installed resi

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